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Gabriel García Márquez has left this Earth

Just the last Saturday I was walking with Lev Feigin on a Staten Island beach, having an exciting discussion on creativity and writing. At one point Lev mentioned that he is rereading "One Hundred Years of Solitude". At this moment I was struck by insight on how much this book influenced me and predestined the main line stories, which unfolded later in my life. I read it, when I was seventeen, in a Soviet Union Odessa, when the Latin America was so far and unreachable. The book blew my mind off. The sexual passion, the generational history, the magic and beauty of this southern exotic city. Now, when I look back, on what I was pursuing in my life, I realize, that many of my passions just came from this book. Gabriel García Márquez has left this Earth, and he will probably continue to be a storyteller for some other planet or dimension. Have a great journey maestro and thank you!

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