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The Dance of Relationships seminar, May 11, 11 am-6 pm

Relationship dances and conflicts

Seminar Leaders: Dina Ostrovsky, Ed Izotov

While I was preparing this workshop, I asked my friends and clients the same question: "What is the most challenging issue for you in relationships?” Nearly all of them told me that it was dealing with conflict.

This workshop will teach you to see conflict not as a threat but as an effective and powerful tool for reaching new levels of intimacy and trust in your connection with others.

Together we will learn how to apply this creative approach to conflict to your personal relationships at home and at work.

We will use a such methods as process-oriented psychology, family constellations, body-oriented therapy, healing movement, and mandala painting to explore the fundamental questions about relationships:

· Why do we attract one another?

· Are we attracted to those who are similar to us or to those who are different?

· Where do we reflect each other and where we are complementary?

· Who will be a leader and who will be a follower in the relationship?

· How can you move between these two roles?

Seminar agenda:

-Body oriented practices “leader- follower” will unfold you potential to be a leader or follower and you ability to be harmonic and flexible in roles change.

-We’’ll look at the conflict as manifestation of relationship diversities

-We’ll learn new methods to analyze and to work with a conflict

-We’ll create a relationship dance and relationship mandala

The day-long workshop will help you see conflict as integral to “the dance of relationships”. We will provide you with practical knowledge and skills for working with conflict holistically in order to reach new levels of intimacy understanding in your connections with partners, children, parents

and colleagues.

Seminar cost $120, $220 for a couple. 10% discount if you preregister by May 1st

U Studios NYC , 264 Canal St, 5W, New York, New York 10013

email, ph 973 896 9320


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