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​Lunar eclipse practice- setting intentions with a vision board.

Vision board is fairly easy technique, helps to set up strong intentions and bring them into reality. It has its backside. Our consciousness is able to put intentions into worlds. Our subconsciousness stores information in a dreams, images, emotions, myths, story tales. When we are consciously looking for a certain image, which can reflect our intentions, we finding a mirrors of our inner realm. And those mirrors could be quite far from the conscious intention. To avoid it, before we create a vision board, we do a lot of inner work to clear our vision and intentions. And it is good to do it in a team of experienced visionaries. I think we were brave to create a vision board at the night of eclipse. I felt such a strong flow of energy and had a desire to put it into an art project. It was so much joy to discuss, play and create together with Eduard Izotov and Elena Nezhinsky. Great team, thank you friends! I am happy with my vision board and feel more creative, strong and inspired after this work. Planning a vision board seminar.


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