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This is one of our school students homework after our seminar on a Process Work methods to works wit

The Eye of the Hurricane

Once upon a time a very long time ago there lived two weathers: Liana and Tim. Liana was an unpredictable weather, changing her mood weather all very often: winds, sun, rain, fog, hot, cold - all existed with no predictable order and/or only known to her own logic and sense of reality. Tim was a very quiet and steady weather, didn’t like the changes very much if not at all; if it rained, it might as well rain the entire day, if the sun was up, let it burn till it exhausts the day for the moon to come, sleep, sleep, sleep…. Until one day, the two weathers sink together and created a warmer environment and the clouds evaporated leaving a clear area in the center, the Eye of the Hurricane. The humans call it by this strange name - Relationship. Another word, get on the ship and learn to relate!?

No one fully understands it, but as far as hurricanes are concerned, it goes like this: First an eye, then the Relationship. Though the passing calmness might lure you out of your shelter called the Body, the National Weather Service by the name of Common Sense strongly recommends that you stay indoors (names vary: the Soul, the Spirit, the Mind – call it whatever pleases you!) On land (making love, staying in bed, watching TV, luring the IPad or having dinner etc… ), the center of the eye is, by far, the calmest part of the storm, with skies mostly clear of clouds, wind and rain. Over the ocean (speaking your mind and heart, searching your deepest truth, finding the means for your personal growth, refusing to stay in bed, watch TV, laugh at stupid jokes, cook dinners etc…) however, is possibly the most dangerous: inside, waves from all directions slam into each other, creating monster waves as tall as 40 meters. As both Liana and Tim are often caught off guard by violent winds from the opposite side of the eyewall, the tips on how to prepare for a Hurricane can may be found but not guaranteed by attending Dina Ostrovsky Process Work classes


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