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1. Why are you in this school?

I am in this school because I became fascinated with the process work and family

constellation systems, after experiencing them myself, in a couple of Dina’s sessions.

And since I already have psychology and social work degrees but do not want to

utilize them as they are, I decided that the systems this school offers would work

best for me. I also, would love to learn more about myself, develop myself as a

person and as a professional. I am very excited to learn more magic that this school

has to offer.

2. What have you learned so far?

Aside from that magic exists? I’ve learned how to get out of my shell, which has

formed over the years, filled with fears, traumas, unfortunate events, lack of

confidence and low self-esteem. I learned that I enjoy role-play, when it comes to

working both, client and myself. I learned that when directed properly, I can achieve

anything, by simple use of imagination, visualization, acting skills, and a little bit of

magic. I’ve learned to apply in my daily life whatever I learned and practiced in

school, and it really makes a difference. I’ve already gone through a lot of changes

and I feel wonderful.

3. How do you apply it to your everyday life?

I apply techniques I learned in school all the time. I perform movements, make

noises, draw, dance, act as if, meditate, pay attention to my body symptoms and

automatically apply the principle of identifying it, role-play it, play with it, receive

advice, draw it, act it, etc. I pay attention to the magical signs around me, and

patterns of things. I pay attention to my dreams and interpret them differently then

before. Overall, it has made my life more fun, with better abilities to deal with

difficulties and redirecting intentions, and mood. It made me think about my

priorities and goals in life, and what it would possibly take to get there. At the same

time, it helped me to learn to trust the process of change and not concentrate on

anything in between. It brought magic to my life. I see the world with more

compassion and tolerance then before. I’m in love with this school and everyone

who is involved in my transformational process.

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