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Summit of the Sun May 9-15, 2016 Healing Retreat


May 9 - 15 Sacred plant medicine retreat in the heart of ancient Mexico Purification. Growth. Transformation. Join us for a week-long medicine retreat where we will work intensively with Amazonian traditions of sacred plant use from Sibundoy, Colombia followed by integration practices. Our beautiful retreat center is located in Malinalco, Mexico – a historic mountain region that is safe, friendly and culturally vibrant. We are easily accessible from the Mexico City International Airport, (secure transportation will be provided on specific dates). Immerse yourself in 3 ceremonies with Taita Juan Bautista Agreda Chindoy from Sibundoy, Colombia, a renowned traditional doctor, Yajecero and indigenous leader of the Cametsa nation. Taita Juan is highly experienced in helping people with physical, spiritual or emotional conditions using his ancestral plant medicines. The retreat will be supported by the prayer of local ceremony leaders who will lead us in the Temezcal ceremony (Mexican sweat lodge) and guide trips to local sacred sites. We will make a pilgrimage to Malinalco, a temple city built in 1501 where we can witness the ceremonial art and architecture of the Mexica/Aztec people, including the Cuauhcalli -House of the Eagles- a monolithic temple believed to be used for the initiation ceremonies of the Jaguar and Eagle warrior lineages. This 7-night retreat will be intensive and include post-ceremony integration activities including art therapy, naturopathic treatments, yoga and Qi Qong. Delicious, healthy food will be ‘dieta’ balanced. Dina Ostrovsky will lead an integrative practice using Process Oriented Psychology methods. The retreat is offered at an all-inclusive donation of $1,850, with a goal to provide exceptional value at a low-cost that is affordable for families of young people in recovery. If you plan to attend as a family or small group, please inquire about our discounted family rate.

Contact Dina for more info, ph 9738969320

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