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The rebirth ritual

I am preparing for the rebirth ritual. I am going to lead it the coming weekend in Galiana retreat center. The idea of death and rebirth as a metaphor of healing and transition to the next lever of personal growth was used in many authentic traditions. This is a Mexican tamascal. Shaman invites the ritual participants into a dark, hot cave, which represents mother womb. Inside the womb, using heat and special rituals, people go to the trans state. In this moment the attachment to the “normal self” loosens, we become more fluent and we can also notice things, which we don’t perceive in our everyday state. In this state it is easier to make a change in your personal views, to release a tensions from a past trauma and to open a door to the new self, more wise, less conditioned by the limitation inherited from the past. This is a moment of “spiritual death and rebirth”, when the old outdated parts of self can relax and melt and new visions, ideas and powers are born. We are going to do this ritual during our trip to Mexico in May. On the next weekend, Aril 15, we are going to go through rebirth, using Stanislav Grof theory, by recreating a birth channel. I went through this ritual several times and every time I experienced deep positive transformation. Looking forward to the next , making intensions and contemplating on positive change!

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