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The Night of Witches, the Key down a Sewer, and the Snake Medicine…

I've found that Eve has made a mistake, she grabbed the apple - should've taken the snake

I like to lead my Family Constellation workshops on the special days, like eclipses or spiritual holidays. I believe that strong energies make the work deeper and more effective, but looks like yesterday’s combination of Walpurgis night and Russian Easter was too much for me. It was the most stressful seminar I have led in the eight years I've done the Family Constellation practice in the New York Russian community. We had a client who showed up in an altered state and we needed to deal with that emergency. We managed to calm everything down the rest of the seminar went well. I feel happy with the healing energy and insights my clients and students gained from the seminar. However, the whole process ate up a lot of my resources. I still wanted to celebrate Walpurgis night, the international Night of Witches. I had planned to drive to the five rhythms dance in Manhattan with my good friend. I opened my car, then made some unconscious hand movement, and the plastic part from my Toyota Prius car key flew right down the city sewer! For a long minute my friend and I stood there staring at the piece of black plastic lying on a dry leaf 30 inches under the ground. The thick iron grid which covered the sewer made it clear that our plans for the evening had changed. We returned to my friend’s house and I made a call to road assistance and to city services. They both gave me a clear explanation that they don’t help people who make such a stupid move as to throw their car keys into sewerage. At this point I accepted my poor fate for the night, calculated that it will cost me several days without my car and several hundred dollars for the new keys… One more investment into my education. When I calmed down, I also chanted a little bit of my road assistance Tibetan Buddhist mantra. The angel came to help me in the body of а super active and super positive Russian handy man. It took him 10 minutes to fish my key out of the sewer with a long round stick and a piece of chewing gum! My car - my modern witch's broom was with me again, as was my good mood and self esteem. Yesterday was the first glimpse of snake medicine in my life. Today the snake story continued when I went to the Serpentessa workshop. I danced and played with the snakes there. The experience is a mix of ecstatic sensual pleasure and an extreme alertness. The boa snake is very strong, I felt its muscles around my legs and hands. It is also a beautiful, smooth and gracious creature. For those couple of hours with snakes, I deeply connected with my sensual self and with the Earth's feminine energy. I loved it! Now I am dreaming of going to the Serpentessa home in New Paltz to spend a day with the snakes. Or to bring her and the snakes to the next Red Tent. And with this, I feel that my Night of Witches celebration is complete.

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