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TERRApia Art Coaching

When I teach my classes I use Art Coaching methods for different purposes. Sometimes it is the best way to reflect on hard emotions or to brake through mental blocks. I also use Art Coaching to get hold on something uncatchable, to remember the altered states, which have happened during seminars practices or client sessions . Those meditative states are often new and resourceful, but disappear fast, as a pleasant dream. How to get hold on them? How to integrate those new energies into your life style, career, relationships? I teach several methods, mandala art is my favorite. This is super talented Boston group. They put new realizations and new resourceful states, which they found during two days seminar in the beautiful mandalas. The process of drawing is fun and full of creative, joyful energy. We will have presentation of the new Art Coaching methods this Sunday in Fair Lawn, NJ. Welcome to join!

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