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Dream Theater Workshop - Dreams and Fairy Tales Constellations

Dreams are the language in which our Soul speaks to us. When we pay attention to our dreams, they can become our best advisors, giving us great insights, showing us new creative ways to resolve our life tasks and problems. Dreams usually show us the next step in our creative journey and give exact instruction on how to go there. The myths and fairytales are the big dreams, which teach us through generations. In this workshop we will engage in the Dream Theater - a group practice created by Dina Ostrovsky by combining Family Constellations and Process Work methods. WHAT TO EXPECT AND BRING: This is playful, dynamic and super effective practice. Please bring your dream or a fairy tale written by you. The workshop is 5 hours long.

Date: 21th of April 1 p.m - 6 p.m.

Location of the seminar: Antinanco Earth Arts School,

46 Seven Oaks Cir, Holmdel, New Jersey 07733 COST: $65 with advance registration by 4/18, $75 at the door Dina's BIO: Dina Ostrovsky weaves modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual Earth practices into her transformational programs. She is a Shamanic Healer initiated in the Eastern European Tuva Lineage and is studying for a Master's Degree in Process Oriented Psychology. For the last 15 years she has also been practicing Dzogchen Buddhism and Qigong with master teachers. Having recently returned to the States after working in Costa Rica as the Director of a holistic addiction rehab center, she is now serving on the East Coast as a transformational coach, therapist and family constellation facilitator. She is also the founder and director of Ursa Major Travel Club, leading spiritual travel adventures around the world. "The Art and Science of Transformation has become my career and my passion. I am honored to assist others on this path with my knowledge, vision, and experience.” More info at

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