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Olga Om, New York City, 2017

I came to Dina’s TERRApia School of Transformation for psychological support after the loss of a loved one. I couldn’t even imagine that the techniques and methods that I acquired at the school would help me in other spheres and life situations. At every class (we had 10 classes in total, and each class took place once a month and included a whole weekend) we worked at a particular topic. We worked on our personal problems in groups and in pairs.

As a result, at TERRApia School of Transformation, I have found out how to determine the boundaries of my personal comfort zone when I interact with another individual, and how to be precise and delicate when I formulate a claim. Being quite demanding to myself, I have learned to listen to my inner critic and separate the reasonable arguments from exaggerated claims and unsound incursions. I learned more about my strengths and weaknesses, got rid of and loosen some of my internal complexes, and also identified those ones I had not even known anything about. There were many other interesting techniques including setting goals and intentions.

I feel that I have become more positive as I worked through and loosened my personal traumas and how I perceive them. My psychological state has also improved. Due to family constellations and process work I was able to overcome my fears and came to an agreement with my husband and employer about my three-day work week for a couple of months, which happens quite rarely in the world of engineering. Usually, it is either full time or freelance only. My employer didn’t like that schedule, but he couldn’t do anything. Soon after I have got an official part-time position with 3-day work week, benefits, and schedule which suited me well. That was so magical since it happens in the industry only in extremely rare cases. Moreover, I found that position exactly as it was shown in my requested constellation where I was told that I would find my ideal work through networking. And indeed, I got the position through my old friend in 3 weeks after that constellation.

In addition, more than 6 months ago, in the middle of our course, we practiced the setting of our intentions. My goal was to change my work. However, I was uncertain that I can do that and didn’t know how. When I showed my goal during process work session, I discovered that I showed a production machine very expensive and of the highest quality but with limited functions. As it turned out, at my new position, I do just certain functions, my limited part of the process but with the highest quality. My new employer is satisfied, and that is the reason he hired me.

Finally, after working at my relationships with husband using different methods that I learned at TERRApia School, he gifted me a ring with an emerald. That was unprecedented generosity!

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