Art Coaching course – foundation

The Dance of Creativity: The Ultimate Toolkit For Accessing Your Creative Flow In Love, Career, and Relationship

This program is based on the idea that creativity is not the privilege of some talented elite, but a holistic state every person has access to from birth. When we are in our creative zone, we are full of energy; we live, relate, work, and feel our love for life while feeling excited and young on the inside.

In this course you will:

- Build a creative approach to any of your life tasks - small or large.

- Connect deeper with your inner self

- Learn to use obstacles as a valuable resource for inspiration and new ideas

- Unleash and express your full emotional diversity through art

- Build a unique “Creativity Toolkit” - a set of practices that will give you the resources you need to get to the next level of your life journey

9 classes, 3 hours each, $480

Class 1. State of “Creative Flow” with Dina Ostrovsky

- How to realize and maintain a state of joy, spontaneity, and playfulness in our every day life.

- Use deep meditative states to access creative flow

- Create an “Intention Mandala” and set up your intentions for this course

Class 2. Critical or creative thinking with Dina Ostrovsky

Self-criticism is an unavoidable part of the creative process. As we try to step into new unexplored territory, the critic inside us emerges. We will practice turning the harsh inner critic into a friendly ally and adviser. Create a “critic” mask.