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Azores Retreat


Immerse yourself in a 9-day transformative retreat at the Laughing Orchard Retreat Center on Sao Miguel Island in the Azores. Nestled within a volcanic crater, this unique environment serves as both a teacher and a healer.

More info about Azores center:

During the Azores retreat, you'll engage in three powerful plant medicine ceremonies led by experienced facilitators. Explore the stunning beauty of the Azores through nature walks and hikes, and attend daily 3-4 hour study classes in magical natural settings

Find relaxation and rejuvenation at the hot springs pools with meditation and relaxation sessions. Start your mornings with invigorating Yoga or qigong classes. Enjoy three healthy organic meals daily and take advantage of private sessions to deepen your personal journey.

Join us at the Psychedelic Education AZORES retreat for a transformative experience in the heart of nature.

Azores retreat class topics


  • 1. Introduction (Sessions 1-3):
    Introduction to the basics of playback theater, its forms, and basic rituals. Getting to know each other and forming a team. Developing improvisational skills and expressive acting. Strengthening the connection with the body and developing physical expressiveness. Playing games and nurturing creative sources within us. Learning to tell and listen to stories, understanding their essence, and transforming them into theatrical form. Fun, joy in interaction, co-creation, drive, and the sense of valuable contact with each other. Zoom sessions will cover the theoretical foundations of playback theater.
  • 2. Main Phase (Sessions 4-6):
    Immersion in the world of stories, layers of meaning, dynamics, and rhythm of stories. Developing sensitivity to the moment and the actor's experience "here and now." Enhancing partner interaction and variability of team play. Mastering key, long improvisational forms of playback theater. Exploring different roles - performer on stage, conductor, musician, storyteller, and audience member. Expanding our perception of playback theater. Playing on stage, listening to stories on a deeper level, and incorporating vocal and other expressive possibilities. Introduction to the structure of a performance. Zoom meetings will cover storytelling basics and working on the perception of story meanings.
  • 3. Practical Phase (Sessions 7-8):
    The focus will be on performance during this stage. Understanding the laws of collective interaction with the audience. Preparing for the first public performances, starting with close friends and family, and gradually expanding to include others. Learning about the "red thread" and exploring social dialogue possibilities through playback theater. Practicing conductor techniques with the audience. Analyzing performance experiences from the perspective of narrative reticulation theory and performance energy and rhythm. Continuing to work on and immerse ourselves in the world of stories.
  • 4. Advanced Phase (Sessions 9-10):
    Developing practices for applying playback theater to various tasks - communities that have experienced traumatic events, performances for social dialogue, performances for business teams, etc. Mastering the technology of preparing and conducting thematic performances. Expanding the expressive palette and adding experimental experiences to our practice. Culminating in a vibrant final performance and setting dreams for the future.
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