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In the Terrapia program we go into the depth and detailed exploration of our inner landscape. We make inventory of out talents and find resources to use them to the fullest. We meet our personal monsters, befriend them and transform their energy into creative drive.

We learn to watch ourself and others with wisdom and compassion. We learn methods, which help us to combine social success with inner balance and peace. We learn skills to help others to go through their obstacles and grow together as a group , as a community, as a society.

We see TERRApia school project as educational. We see the time in the near future, when practical education in transformational methods will be a solid part of the educational system. I see that this type of education is missing now in our time of rapid social change.
We envision a time, when our society will recognize these subjects as important as math and physics. We see that our school will be one of the several schools, which prepare professionals in transformational studies.

If you want to live in this future, please join us!


Dina Ostrovsky

M.A. in Process Work

is the founder and primary teacher of TERRApia School of Transformation. 

The School was founded in 2015. 

Dina weaves modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual practices into her transformational programs.  Since 2009, she has led Family Constellation seminars and private coaching sessions in the New York Metro area.

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 Margarita Amrita Schwartzman

is a graduate and organizer of Terrapia School of Transformation.

Margarita Schwartzman is the certified Neurographica specialist, president of the non-profit corporation for female freedom and spirituality "Amarna Sanctuary",  and member of the advisory board of "Antinanco Earth school".

More info: neuroart

Natalia Krasnova

is a graduate of Terrapia School of Transformation.

Natalia is Shamanic Breathwork Master practitioner ( Venus Rising University). She completed study in School of Womanly Arts, Qoya teachers training, Natalia studied  Simoron in Kiev, Ukrain with  Petr and Petra Burlan. Presently learning to lead transformational game "Fabric of magical events ".

More info: shamanic breathwork