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About Us

Terrapia School, founded in 2015 by Dina Ostrovsky, is a multifaceted educational and community project. In 2020, Alex Bulkin expanded our vision by introducing Terrapia methods into the realms of business and finance. Our school operates from two enchanting natural locations—Dragon Nest, Upstate New York, and Laughing Orchard, Azores Islands.

Who can benefit from our programs?

College graduates seeking personal strength and effective coping mechanisms for navigating modern challenges.

Professionals who aspire to advance in their careers and cultivate leadership skills.

Individuals pursuing career changes or entrepreneurial ventures while seeking personal growth.

Those in the helping professions interested in implementing Terrapia school methods within their professional practices.

Anyone in search of a fresh perspective on life, purpose, and community.

Our teaching approach emphasizes creative and experiential methods, drawing insights from ancient spiritual and shamanic practices and harmonizing them with intellectual analysis.

At Terrapia School, we firmly believe that every challenge is an opportunity for personal growth and creative transformation. We understand the inherent human desire for self-development and acknowledge the unique journey of each person.

In this era of advancing AI, we believe people should nurture their sensitivity, talents, and personal power, as we believe this is how we can truly elevate our humanity.


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Dina Ostrovsky

Primary teacher at TERRApia School of Transformation

She weaves together modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual practices into her transformational programs designed for those seeking to create profound and meaningful changes in their lives.

Since 2013 she has led countless personal and group psychedelic integration sessions in the New York and Boston areas. Prior to that, Dina served as a clinical director of a holistic rehabilitation clinic in Costa Rica. She has also assisted the renowned elder TaitaJuan Bautista Chindoy, a traditional healer associated with Colombia’s Yagé tradition, during multiple addiction-program retreats in Malinalco, Mexico as an integration therapist.

Our Team


Olga Sanachina

Accredited trainer in the playback theater (Playback Center, New York), playback actress and founder of playback theaters in US and Russia, psychologist and psychodramatist, graduate of acting and directing courses at the Polish Theater in Moscow, performer. Conducts workshops on playback theater, improvisational movement, performance and long-term training programs in Europe, Canada, USA, Russia, Africa, India, the Middle East.


Michael Yoshpa

Doctor of Pharmacognosy and Medicinal Chemistry, Doctor of Divinity, Master's Degree in Biological Sciences, Master's Degree in Education.

Process-oriented therapist. Life Coach. Graduated from the International School of Shiatsu, as well as the SAT Program by Dr. Claudio Naranjo.

Michael Yoshpa is a facilitator at internal development and self-realization retreats, photographer, Sun Moo Do martial arts senior instructor of Grand Master Bong Pil Yang lineage, Ashtanga Yoga instructor of David Swenson lineage, and Zhineng Qigong teacher of Master Ming Pang lineage.


Olga OM

Professional astrologer, life coach, neurography instructor, artist, rune master, Human Design specialist, traveler and researcher. My Goal is to help you find yourself in order to become happier and live your life! I have been practicing astrology professionally since 2010. Astrology for me is a way of thinking and a lifestyle. I have conducted more than 2,000 consultations for more than 1,000 friends and clients, and I have been teaching at the School of Astrology since 2020.


Natasha Chapala

I have been working as a Professional Astrologer for more then 10 years, helping people on their path of self-knowledge, creating and gathering information from Natal Charts, and help track old mental, Karmic and generic programs. I provide corrective techniques and an Individual Development Plan, which takes into account the person’s high qualities, goals and values, of which following and practicing helps to build a new healthy patterns, to grow and go on a Path of a Heart, of the Highest Purpose, and have the happiest experience the Soul desires.

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