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School of Transformation, 1st year program

In the Terrapia program we go into the depth and detailed exploration of our inner landscape. We make inventory of out talents and find resources to use them to the fullest. We meet our personal monsters, befriend them and transform their energy into creative drive. We learn to watch ourself and others with wisdom and compassion. We learn methods, which help us to combine social success with inner balance and peace.


Apprenticeship program

This program is created for TERRApia program graduates.

The goal of this program is to enhance the knowledge of process work and constellation methods, to develop leadership skills by assisting in the first year program and to focus on reaching your personal goals for this year .



Psychodelic Education

Whether your psychedelic experience was recreational or intended for healing, the pursuit and curiosity of self-exploration and self-discovery can be a bumpy road with many unexpected turns. Throughout this course we will explore various harm reduction approaches to help you prepare for your psychedelic experience. We will also explore what integration means and provide a list of different self-care techniques to help you make the most of your experience.


Terrapia Community Zoom Practices

To cater to the needs of our Terrapia community, we are delighted to offer a range of free online programs that aim to support and enhance the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit.


PlayBack Theater

This is a unique method created by Jonathan Fox and Joe Salas at the intersection of improvisational theater and psychology. The basis for the actors’ performance on stage are the stories of the audience from the audience, which here and now, without preparation, are spontaneously performed on stage. The performance of the playback theater is a bright, unique event, where spectators and actors together create a performance in which the real stories of the spectators begin to play with new meanings, colors and emotions.


Astrology school

Classes at our School will give you deep knowledge about yourself and your loved ones, understanding the reasons for the events of your life and the ability to design your life.

Studying astrology will give the right direction in the development of your children, indicate their strengths and weaknesses, and help correct character traits and destiny.


Dina Ostrovsky private sessions

If you are interested in scheduling a private session, please contact Dina for a free 15-minute interview.

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