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To set up an individual session please contact Dina Ostrovsky, ph 973-896-9320, email:

We combine several methods for the  individual and couple sessions:


  • Process work (process-oriented psychology)

  • Family Constellation

  • Transformational coaching

  • Astrology consultation

  • Art and creativity therapy


I have clients come with various personal and relationship issues to find more awareness, new insights and resources. I am always happy to see them grow, move on into a personal territory. I have a great respect for the inner wisdom which all people carry and consider myself a personal grown facilitator. My goal to provide tools and create a safe space for the client inner wisdom to lead him/her. I am always happy when I see that my client learned how to use those methods and are able to move forward independently.

The most common questions clients bring to the session:



  • Relationships issues

  • Body awareness

  • Intuition, awareness, personal growth

  • Emotional instability

  • Busyness/ career/ money area

  • Setting intention

  • Finding creativity resources/energies

  • Career change

  • Exploring and releasing limitations being caused by the Family system

Services and Charges


Dina Ostrovsky

Dina Ostrovsky

Dina Ostrovsky

Dina Ostrovsky

Dina Ostrovsky

Dina Ostrovsky

Dina Ostrovsky

Length of Session

75 minutes

75 minutes

3 hours

4 hours

60 minutes

90 minutes

5 zoom sessions










Process Work (individual face-to-face session)

Family Constellation (individual face-to-face)

Relationship Laboratory (couples therapy)

Couple in crisis private workshop

Zoom Session

Astrology Consultation

Transformational coaching package

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