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Money - Creativity Workshop

Review your relationship with Business, Money and Creativity

Play, research, reflect, transform, heal.

This workshop will help you to get more awareness on your present situation and help you to find new insights and resources and to bring more passion, joy and creativity into your career and money making.

  • How to combine your creative spontaneous self with the everyday social routine ?

  • What are the blockages and limitations in your creativity?

  • What is your relationship with money?

  • Are your lifestyle and work in harmony with your higher self and your Path?

Instead of just discussing those questions, we are going to create a constellation and see what happens.

What is a constellation?

You can observe a person – her/his path and problems from different view points. You can look at the person as an independent traveler through life or you can look at the whole interconnected net of relationships which creates a human life – a system. That is the viewpoint of the method of System and Family Constellation. This method provides a quite accurate tool to observe and get more clear awareness of your current situation, to realize where the blocks and hidden resources are, and understand what should be changed in your system to unfold your creativity, manifest your dreams and break through blocks and limitations.

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