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Teen Retreat

Our nature-adventure retreat is designed for epic fun, that also teaches essential skills for healthy life, clear communication and emotional intelligence.

Why will you enjoy it?

  • Hiking in beautiful Catskill mountains

  • Kundalini Yoga with Danesh from San Franciso

  • Simple, healthy organic foods with adaptogenic superfoods

  • Atmosphere of fun, celebration and sacredness

  • Time and space for personal reflections and rejuvenation

Why will your children love this experience?

  • Exciting games that train focus, reaction and enhance physical ability.

  • We throw hacky-sacks, run, climb, swim and crawl for the great cause.

  • Playful introduction to energy work with Five Elements Kung Fu – Chien Lung: As developed by Constantine Darling, this modality teaches to embody the energies of five elements, connect with the core power, embody the animals, move and act in harmony with the surroundings

  • Leadership training games: Teaching children the art of self-trust, self-esteem and effective communication.

  • Inspiring healthy habits for successful lives: Non-invasive and playful teaching of healthy eating habits. During our lunches in nature we teach fast and simple cooking for better health.

  • Essential skills for emotional intelligence: As kids’ adventures unfold, inevitably emotions rise. So does the opportunity to teach children to deal with them consciously and respect others and themselves while being fully present in their feelings.

  • Learning the art of being in Nature: the Great Outdoors communicates with us in a subtle way. Learning to harmonize ourselves with nature is a healing, rejuvenating and purifying experience. This skill goes very far – knowing how to unwind in nature is essential for coping with the stresses of modern life.

This signature tour is a collaboration of Dina Ostrovsky, a transpersonal psychologist and Danesh Oleshko – Yoga Teacher and Nature Guide. We are passionate about working with parents who truly care about the wellbeing of their children.

Inspiring adventure retreat $240

Room and board $220

- included are 6 healthy meals plus snacks

- 3 night stay in a retreat center

Camping option is available for $120

- included 6 healthy meals plus snacks

- 3 nights stay in a tent (we provide tents and sleeping bags)

- Please contact us if you need a family discount

- Please contact if you need transportation

Reservations: email: phone: 973-896-9320

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