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Healing my own internalized oppression with a dream.

I dreamеd about a women who works as a therapist. She asked me to work with her, and I started a session. When we come to a tense spot, she complains to have some pains in a body and runs to get a painkiller. She does it several times and I feel a little agitated. Then I tell her, that I refuse to work with her, and she will stay with her depression forever. She gets angry and hits me on a head. I become very exited and joyful at this moment and scream at her: "That was stupid, lets beat a pillow instead!". We are beating a pillow on a coach for a while, and then push each other hands for a while. Then she tells me: “Thank you, I am cured and can go ahead with my work!” . After having this dream today, I woke up restored and energetic- feel that block, preventing me from moving forward is gone, and I have a lot of creative energy!

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