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My astrology reflections on April, May, June, 2014

The cardinal cross, which looked so scary had came to its peak on April 22. It brought a lot of tension in the atmosphere, shacked our bodies and emotions. It is reflected in the geo-politics and in our private lives. During this period I observed a serious raise of tension in myself and in my circle of friends and clients. But the scariest predictions about catastrophic events didn’t came true, hurray! The retrograde Mars put the energy, collected with the big cross planets, inward and created a momentum for the inner transformation. It pushed people to look inside and to get rid of the old views, ideas, believes, which doesn’t serve us anymore and to search for a new styles of relating to yourself and the universe. I was happy to witness, that many of my friends and clients, where able to put this challenging energies into finding a new level of inner strength, new path for yourself, redefining relationships and goals in life. People who had personal planets in the signs affected by cross- Aries, Capricorn, Cancer and Libra, 12-16 degrees, where affected not only with the energy in the atmosphere, but by real events. In this case, it is important to understand, that this is a temporary transit situation, and be really attentive to your own movements. It is also important to collect resources and to be patient with your close circle of people.The dangerous cross started to fall apart, but still will influence our lives and energies till the end of June. From the May 19 the Mars retrograde period will be completed, the Mars will go straight and this is a good time to start to put your new plans into actions. The aggressive energies of a cross could be used in active movements towards your career and business. If you plan to do any activity connected to the Mercury- the planet of communication, study, media, advertisement, it is better to start before the June 7. June 7- June 30 the Mercury will go retrograde. At this time it is a bad idea to start any activity like placing ads , making important decisions , purchasing communications equipment , signing contracts , initiating business deals ,sending important correspondence , starting school or any important project , beginning any new enterprise.Good luck in those rough waters of change! If you need a helping hand or additional information- welcome!

Dina Ostrovsky

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