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Interesting piece from my chat with my yogi friend:

Him: -Can you make no doubt, no anger, no jealousy, no gain, no avenging, no greed , no reaction constantly and forever? Me :-No, I am not even aiming there. But I am not attached to the idea of forever. The emotions and feelings, bad or good, are the juice of life. I am learning to dance with my emotions- an anger jump followed by the pirouette of compassion- I don't do one without another. If you want to be alive, this is a bad idea to get rid of emotions. But if you are jealous- you can go there and dance with your jealousy a little, but at the same time keeping your eye on you partner rights to freedom. If you stuck on one side - you are in trouble. If you are able to move between your greed and you wish for all people wellness and at the same time be connected to the essence, universe, rigpa, process mind or god- whatever people call it, you are a magician

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