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July astrology ideas

Hurray! The Mercury retrograde period ends today! This is a time to make new connections and to move forward with your projects.

On July 17 two major planets - Venus and Jupiter will be transitioning to a new sign which will affect our moods and intentions.

Venus - the planet of love, arts and material comfort is moving to the sign of Cancer. Venus will stay in Cancer during the period of July 18 to August 12. Venus in Cancer will bring us more emotional sensitivity, a strong desire to deepen emotional connections and to improve our home and family life. It can also amplify feelings of loneliness and a desire to be in a relationship. Now is a good time to work on your relationship issues and on improving your family and home. This is also a good time to nurture your heart and your feminine side.

Jupiter is the planet which reflects trends in society, it is transitioning to the sign of Leo on July 16 and will stay there for a year. This year should present a great opportunity for creative people to go ahead with their ambitions. Jupiter in Leo brings out in society qualities like creativity, playfulness, desire to shine and a lot of fire energy. This is your time to step forward with new artistic ideas, to expand a creative project or to become a leader. If you were cooking up your creative projects for a while – this is the year to step forward and present them to society.

If you feel that something is blocking your creativity, that you have a lot of fire but don’t know how to manifest it – you are welcome to try transformational coaching sessions with me. I offer a discount of 50% for the first two sessions for creative people working on new projects.


Dina Ostrovsky

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