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Inner fight facilitation

Damn! I forgot my passport in an old bag and lost my flight to the States yesterday. Had a long inner conflict facilitation, while looking at the magnificent Costa Rica sunset. My two big inner figures- the manager and a shaman had a huge fight. I live with this inner fight for awhile- maybe the last 20 years, maybe from the very beginning. The manager likes things to be organised and predictable, she knows very well how to function in a society and that to fly from a foreign country, you need a passport. Shaman doesn't care- she travels all the time without borders. She can become a sunset, a rock, an unhappy client or a happy colibry. She despises all this limitations with money and documents. She also thinks that manager can take care of this nonsense. But when all my being is overwhelmed by the blissful shamanic trans of Costa Rica nature the manager looses it... So now, I am sitting at this mind blowing landscape and do inner conflict facilitation - thank you Process work for the practical methods. I listen to both sides of my inner theater and give them time and space to complain and blame each other. And then tell them - good, I hear your, you are both needed, respected and valued. Lets travel together in a more organised way and not forget about to be in a moment. I need you both- I am leading a tour-seminar next week and need both sides of this reality. I need a discipline, logic and organisation and I need my shamanic crazy unpredictable self- to make this tour a magical transformation. Lets make piece and collaborate. Flying today. Pura Vida

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