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This is feedback from one of my seminar students:

I’m grateful to Dina for many things, she helps me immensely, and probably the most curious discovery I've made working with her is my inner critic. Ironically, I had never “heard” his voice, although it is the loudest voice in my head. Sometimes this voice is paralyzing, sometimes it feels like someone beating you on your head. After doing some funny technic I met the guy - a stubborn, old man with sadistic tendencies. Firstly, I wasn't able to catch the moment when I jumped into his position, I just started criticizing myself. It required some effort to learn how to make a stop and realize that I’m about to be hypnotized by his voice. By the way, if you look critically on what your inner critic says, you’ll find out how stupid and groundless his words often are. A very interesting thing in this story is that the inner critic helped a lot to your outer critics, who are not necessarily right all the time. When another person, especially someone close, started criticizing me, my inner critic got right there and left me without any defence. I didn't get even a slightest chance to look into whether the critics is right or wrong. I learned also that for befriending your inner critic merely intellectual understanding is not enough. Most likely, the right way to tackle him is hidden in your unconsciousness. After creating a mask of my inner critic during Dina’s seminar, I suddenly realized that the guy needs my love in order to be my loving and caring adviser. I’m still working on him, but my inner critic is getting gentler and wiser day after day.

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