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David.O, San Francisco, CA

"I started working with Dina about 3-4 years ago. It feels like she appeared in my life “magically” - I really needed help and guidance, but didn’t know how to ask and where to look for it, Dina arrived into my life and pull me through.

Now I realize that my biggest issue has been associated with so called “mid-life crisis”, which I experienced as luck of motivation, inner conflicts, hopelessness, low self esteem and recurring depression. Dina’s sessions have been rich, revealing and transformational. I remember every aspect of them, years later. She gives her full, undivided attention during the session and helps to amplify the experience so that the conflicting parts can be seen and integrated. During this work I became aware (for the first time in my life) of deeply rooted fears, limiting beliefs and energy blocks that held me back from actualizing my full potential in life.This work created context for my psychological and spiritual practice outside of sessions with Dina. I started to understand and gradually harmonize the parts of me that were ruling my life and destroying me without even being noticed.

Dina is an exceptionally powerful healer and a unique woman with a warm, compassionate Heart. She is also very intelligent, multicultural and straightforward in communication. I feel that she has found a perfect balance between holistic therapy and “common sense” reality. This makes her sessions accessible and potentially very effective for people of all walks of life. I’ve been recommending Dina to my best friends and look forward continuing my work with her."

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