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Margarita S., Brooklyn

"I wholeheartedly recommend participating in a Family Constellation Workshop with Dina Ostrovsky. In a Family Constellation workshop I had the experience of reconnecting with the souls of people’s ancestors. It was a very intense and the most unusual experience I’ve ever had. It works like magic – once you accept a role and a position on the stage you immediately get transported to a new dimension, you get in touch with the soul of a departed one and live through the experience of being that person, feeling and acting like one, while your own self is observing in disbelief that this is actually happening. I had a chance to play two roles of very disturbed and deeply unhappy people, I could feel their pain but also lived through the sense of relief once the situation associated with the issue had been cleared. I’ve sensed that we, as a group, have gone through alchemical transmutation and changed the lives of people in need for help forever."

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