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O. V.

"I would like to take a moment to thank Dina again for introducing me to such powerful techniques. I have attended a few different workshops with Dina, including but not limited to Family Constellations, Mandala Painting, Money and Career, and others. Each workshop lasted for a few hours and was quite and experience for me. Well, at the beginning I did not expect much. I thought it would be some sort of an average philosophy/psychology lecture with a few short experimental exercises in a group settings. And my opinion was wrong. The biggest surprise came after each of the Dina's workshops. Her unique, easy-to-understand and very deep methods helped me to

  • understand the reasons behind my not very successful personal and professional relationships and make both existing and new relationships healthier, happier and longer

  • find out my preferences and set up my goals in career building,

  • get rid of unhealthy thoughts and stay positive in any circumstances

  • look realistically at my current life situation and to accept it

  • define what my real desires are

  • make real business plan and begin to implement it

  • better understand how I use my internal energy and how I can direct it into different aspects of my life

  • connect my mind with my soul

I am glad I began working with Dina. Slowly but surely, I obviously see the results. I feel much lighter now, happier, healthier. Her technique definitely changed my attitude toward some aspects of my life, which I was not really happy with. I learned how to stay current in the moment and how to better deal with myself and daily life problems.I don't even want to use the word "problems". I'll use "exciting difficulties instead". However, Dina has this talent, knowledge, experience and energy to guide you very carefully through your issues. When you attend her workshops, you are a part of a group. But at the same time, it feels that Dina works with you personally. I am very very glad that I have been able to work with Dina. Definitely on my priority list and to be continued. "

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