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Oxana V, Brooklyn

Dina! First of all, thanks again for another amazing workshop! I had so much positive reaction and emotional fulfillment! There is a few things, which happened to me as a result of your workshop and which I didn't even expect to happen. And what happened is just shockingly astounding. When I returned home after the workshop, I sat down and wrote a detail marketing plan for a business idea. The idea have swirled around in my head for over a year, but I have never taken any steps toward its development. I believe that the workshop really helped me to differentiate my goals and make them look pretty clear to me. I have learned how to recognize things that are relevant to my career/business/money desires. I have also learned that there are many things that consume my energy and intention but at the same time are distractions on my way to achieve my goals. What now? I am continuing to work on my business idea. I dedicate at least a few hours per day toward this project. I am emotionally more satisfied and eager to work with Dina again, to bring more positive changes into my life. THANK YOU, DINA!

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