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I am at the Parliament of all Religion Conference

I am at the Parliament of all Religion Conference. I am trying to take in the size and richness of this event. Three thousands high level practitioners from all lands and spiritual dimensions! Buddhist lamas, Muslim saints, Jewish mystics, Native American shamans and Christian activists. I am getting lost in a vastness of this field an trying to navigate here with an awareness and a beginner mind. I am also praying to be a good fisher and to bring some catch back home and to share with my friends and community. And I will have my own presentation on Sunday. Will be talking about the challange of passions and strong emotions, about Tantra path of Divine Feminine. Something is shaking in me when I think about it. The auditory here is much bigger then my usual 10-20 people class. Will I be a good channel to share the precious knowledge and methods of my teachers? Am I good enough? I notice my shake, I dance it and sing it and move it and from this dance I get new ideas for my Sunday presentation. What a journey! Please pray for me, my friends!

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