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In the Parliament I met a perfect role model

For the past 18 years I has been mastering knowledge, spirituality and adventures. And I can’t complain- I have a luck to meet the top level teachers for the subject. The present period in my life I need to master success. In the Parliament I met a perfect role model, who mastered my type of success. Derek O'Neill is a very successful life coach. He works with Hollywood stars and earns big money leading seminars. With this money he builds hospitals and schools in India. As a result of his work 35000 kids from the poor regions on India can get education. Derek is in my panel and we got to hang out together for the couple of days. I am stalking him. What does he has I don’t? The main thing I noticed: he has stopped trying. He is just here, happy and relaxed. He has pretty strong Irish accent- it gives me some hopes with mine- and unresistible smile. And he gives a teaching about samurai tools- the sword and the brush. The brush is a feminine aspect- subtleness and beauty and the sword is taken out only when is a cause and is the right moment. My journey takes me to the good places, can’t complain Смайлик «smile»…/ExceptionalPeopleMagazine-DerekOne…

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