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Red Tent, Fri, Feb 19

Fri, Feb 19, 8pm – 9pm

61 Mayberry Promenade, Staten Island, NJ

Dear Sisters! We come to the Red tent women circle to connect to our feminine power and to our birth right to feminine magic. Money is an important energy of our life. We would like to invite you to explore during this tent the feminine aspect of this energy and our personal relationship to money. We will share our ideas, insights and experiences. Dina will lead a practical exercise to find your personal powerful relationship to the money energy Please BRING THICK WARM SOCKS, snacks and fruits! See you there! What we're about If you look at our mission, you'll see that we're about creating change. Our vision is a world where violence against women isn't tolerated, where women get equal pay for their work, where access to reproductive health and information is so obvious a right that anything else is simply absurd...where racism, homophobia, classism, nativism etc. simply isn't tolerated. Our approach Our method is to create space for growth and change. Those spaces can be online, in real life, or in your mind. We invite you to use this online space to float ideas and questions, research things you might not have known about, and broaden your mind in ways that encourage you to see the world as bigger than you, bigger than your family, bigger than your city, state, country, etc. What that means for you When you join the Red Tent Women's Project network, you are agreeing that the world needs to be transformed into a better, more tolerant, more awesome place, and that you are going to help do that. How you do that is up to you, but our ultimate goal is to create a community where members are responsible to one another to create change. Red Tent Rules This is a non-judgmental environment, therefore any opinions and reactions should be expressed in the humble way. The Red tent facilitator has a full right to stop anyone who is causing disturbance. If you plan on bringing someone new to the Red tent circle please provide the details around the Red Tent and Red Tent facilitator. No alcohol is permitted before, during or after the Red Tent circles. Bring sweets, baked goods and fruits to share before and after the Red Tent Circles. Some Red Tent circles require donation. We will let everyone know in case if donations are required


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