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My plant teachers

My plant teachers The rose petals, sage and a bit of black tea is my favorite tea blend this winter. This is the first winter for many years, when I didn’t leave East Coast for some sunny location. I feel like my body and psyche are hungry for the energy of summer, sun, herbs and flowers. The rose petals and sage seem to feed me with the missing supplements. And beyond cheering up my winter doomed psyche, they do have some health benefits. Both herbs are anti-inflammatory, the rose helps to get toxins out of the body and the sage is antioxidant and helps with mental concentration. In my imagination, I ask both herbs to be my plant teachers. Rose gives the tea a sweetness and softness and a seductive luxurious aroma, and the sage smell makes me think of desert wind, which carries an astringent smell of herbs. Sage reminds me of my place of power Death Valley, and my freedom to make my own limitless choices. While I am drinking the tea, I make an intention to create my seminars as tasty and expressive as my plant allies. I blend to put into my work both sides of myself- feminine and musculine, the power and ability to please and to calm into an exclusive healing uplifting mix.

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