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My Family Constellation practice is growing

My Family Constellation practice is growing. This is the third Constellation

seminar I am leading during February. This is actually a record for me.

I believe that the Family Constellation practice is important for our community. I

work mostly with emigrants from former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries.

My clients came from Russia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Poland, Baltic

Republics, and others. Their parents and grandparent lived through wars, revolutions

and Stalin’s oppressive regime. My generation is the first generation which wasn’t

exposed to those terrible traumas. The two or three generations before us lived with

constant pain of losing the people they love and their possessions. The generational

trauma our community holds is still in the atmosphere of our families. It gives us

strength, resilience, and survival drive, but takes out joy, health, intimacy and creativity.

The Family Constellation is a great tool to help the family system release the pain and

tension coming from a heavy past.

What are the common requests by people who come to a Constellation?

- I am really ready to move to a new career or to start a new business, but

something is keeping me from taking that step.

- I have a lot of insecurities about money.

- We have certain health issues, which repeat through the generations in our

- I have divorced my husband a while ago and we still have a lot of tensions

between us, now I feel this tension is rising between me and my older son as well.

- I am looking to find my power in society and be successful. I don’t have a good

relationship with my father - he left us when I was a child.

- I often feel sad and irritated in my mother’s presence.

- I can’t relate to one of my kids. We are incompatible.

- I recently lost the person I dearly loved and I don’t have the energy to move


People who participate in a Constellation usually get more clarity and peace

about the questions and problems they bring to the group. We often observe a strong

energy shift after the Constellation. I have seen many cases when a single constellation

can bring a big improvement and sometimes a resolution for the presented situation.

I hear a lot of positive feedback from returning clients. Here are some examples:

- After the constellation my teenage daughter’s anger diminished, and now she is

improving her relationship with her father.

- My panic attacks are gone. For the first time in my life I started to feel supported

by my family.

- My irritation with my daughter is gone. I understand her much better now, I just

see her differently.

- I have more energy after the seminar and I am making strong steps toward

working on my health problems.

- For the first time in my life I enjoyed being with my mother and felt connected to

her on a human level, rather than being caught up in a mutual guilt trip.

- My father wrote to me after 10 years of silence.

- I suddenly have much more energy to put into my career. My fear of failure is

- I was able to let go of my past traumatic relationship and a new partner has come

into my life.

I work in our community on many levels now, with adults, teens and with groups.

I strongly feel this practice can help to build better relationships and to ease life


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