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Harsh Inner Critic into Polite Powerful Ally! March 20, 27

*Magical Transformation* Harsh Inner Critic into Polite Powerful Ally! Unleash Your Wise & Wild Creativity with Dina Ostrovsky Sunday, March 20 12pm - 4pm the NEST; Weston, MA

Sat, March 27

the NEST; Weston, MA Your inner critic can be a supportive, inspiring voice of your internal landscape.But for many of us the critic is too tough. Instead of giving guidance and empowerment, this voice puts us down! This blocks creative expression, drains energy, and the impedes ability to move forward with bold plans. Leaving us more deeply steeped in judgment towards ourselves and people around us.This interactive workshop creates a dynamic and playful exploration of our personal inner critic: you will find its voice and style, understand its potential, and learn how to engage with the critic on productive and collaborative terms. Using mask making and Process Work, we approach the critic with play and creativity and learn methods on how to grow a polite, wise and supportive inner voice. -- add going into dream like imaginings to gain deeper understanding and reclaim your power. Method: Process-Oriented Psychology or Process Work as developed by Dr. Arnold Mindell ( is an awareness practice centered in the belief that the solution to a problem is contained within the disturbance itself. It is an innovative approach to individual and collective change that brings psychology, spirituality, and creative expression together in a single paradigm. It provides practical tools and interventions to reveal deeper meaning and patterns in challenging experiences. Teacher: DINA OSTROVSKY weaves modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual Earth practices into her transformational programs. She is a Shamanic Healer initiated in the Eastern European Tuva Lineage and studies for a Master's Degree in Process Oriented Psychology. For the last 15 years she has also been practicing under masters Dzogchen Buddhism and Qigong. Recently returning to the States after working in Costa Rica as the Director of a holistic addiction rehab center, she is serving in the East Coast now as a transformational coach, therapist and family constellation facilitator. She is also the founder and director of Ursa Major Travel Club, leading spiritual travel adventures around the world. "The Art and Science of Transformation has become my career and my passion. I am honored to assist others on this path with my knowledge, vision, and experience.” More info at Suggested exchange is $55 if prepaid, $65 at the door Contact Dina for more info, ph 9738969320

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