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System Insight. Alchemical laboratory for Finding wisdom in the field in the area of money, career  

March 5, 3pm-7 pm. Cost $45 if prepaid, $55 at the door, prepay by paypal:

Please register at 973 896 9320,

61 Mayberry Promenade, Staten Island, NY

There are many request in my practice, which sounds like this: I am ready to move to the next level in my career, business, money making, but there are an obstacle I can’t transcend. The obstacles can have various names and shapes- from the person’s partner to an unnamed atmosphere of fear which stops him/her from moving forward. How to approach such request? This methodallows you to experience the energy and the essence of the “obstacle”. In many cases, when we step in this energy, with a support of the group and facilitator, we find that this place holds an enormous untapped resource. This method allows you to learn more about this resource, to find what stops you from using it for you creative development. We’ll also work on an ecological and safe style of bringing this new energy into your life. When we bring the new styles of action in our life we should be careful not to break things, which work good for you , but to expend your scope of creativity and effective actions .

Welcome to join us for this exiting research!

Let’s come together for an alchemical transformation of our money, career and business situation! - Release the views and limitations that block your path in the field of business. - Figure out for which of your life goals you have the most interest and energy in the present moment. - Find additional resources and energies which can boost your business. - Get new insights on how to deal with avoiding conflicts or dead-ends. - Increase your energy and wisdom level, while helping others to resolve blocks and problems. In this workshop we will work as a group to support everybody’s success and growth. We’ll use a new method which I call «System Insight”. It is a combination of Organizational coaching, System constellation and Process work.

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