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Fire walk, transformation and goal setting

The report after yesterday fire walk. After the walk I felt that my left leg was burned. There wasn't any visible damage, but a definite burning feeling. I was worried if I would be able to walk, but I made a 40 min hike to the car without any pain. In the evening I had a mighty wave of warm energy going through my body. I felt happy and uplifted and I started to make my plans for the next six month. I made a list of my goals and contemplated on practical steps. I do work on my plans once in a while and lately I am pretty consistent in reaching my goals. But yesterday I noticed an exiting change. I usually visualize my goals as something heavy and impossible to reach. I need to make a hero journey to get there. The image, which hunted me for a while- I am a rhinoceros breaking through a concrete walls. To my surprise, I discovered that this image is gone. I envisioned my goals yesterday, as some place, which already exists in a future. I also clearly understood the practical steps to get there. Fire definitely changed something in me! It melted my usual habit to take things heavy and brought an exited and playful attitude instead. Big transformation! Through the night I felt the waves of joy and bliss are going through my body. When I woke up I spent an hour breathing into the dark spots of my body, where I felt pains or tensions. I imagined that my inner fire goes there, warms and relaxes the body and allows healing . Feels so fantastic! I am looking forward for the long day . I have tree clients for the family constellation in the morning and a critic seminar in the afternoon. The fire of transformation is dancing inside my heart and I am so happy that I can share it with others through teaching, healing and play! So thankful to Allen Alignment for introducing me to this wonderful practice! Welcome to join us for a fire walking practice in April and to grow a creative joyful momentum inside you!

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