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Terrapia School of Transformation- half way through the program.

Dear friends! My school is growing! The first group has finished the first half of the training. We learned Process Work methods to work with dreams, body symptoms, relationships and group facilitation. We researched and developed our personal life myth, the main organizing principal which drives us in life. We set up new creative goals for ourselves. Last weekend we started a new chapter - Family and System Constellations. I shared my vision and knowledge about this magical practice.

This group is in the middle of the journey now, but the positive results of transformation are already manifested in the lives of my students. We have students who found a new better job, started to lead art workshops, filled their practices with clients or found a new partner. There is also a deep inner transformation going on. People who go through the program become fully connected to their inner strength and sensitivity. They develop their own way of being creative and magical in everyday life. The group itself becomes a team of strong practitioners, friends and supporters. The energy of a group drives the members through their inner and outer journeys.

I am happy to announce that a new group is starting on May 5th. This group is for people who can’t take a weekend off from family life. The classes will be held two Thursdays per month. If you are interested in joining this group, please contact me for the interview.

The next "weekend group" will start in the Fall, on October 8th. People who register to this group before June 15th will get a 10% discount. If you register by September 1st you get a 5% discount . See program description at

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