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One more Constellation seminar next week.

Report from yesterday's seminar: we had two Constellations and in both we worked on traumatized female lineages. Our grand-grandmothers, grandmothers and mothers have survived the horrible history of the 20th century. The war, genocide, loss of material possessions, loss of freedom, and death of loved ones was common for most of the families who lived in the former Soviet Union or in Western Europe. They didn't have the resources to process those traumas emotionally. We can look at them and say "Thank you for being strong and for holding on to family values." We now have those resources and it is our generation's task to heal the trauma. We can look at it, bring it out from the shadow, from the subconsciousness to the light, to open our hearts and then the healing can happen. We can do it, we have the power, the methods, the knowledge. Otherwise it will be passed to our children and they will be stuck and confused with this traumatic energy. The Family Constellation is a great modality to do this healing. You are welcome to join in this work as a client or as a helper!

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