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Magical dream theater at TERRApia school this last weekend

Magical dream theater at TERRApia school this last weekend. We are at the seventh month of the school year now. The time goes fast! We can see a lot of changes in participants' everyday life, but for me it is important to see the changes in our night dreams. Dreams don’t lie. We had a dream theater seminar last weekend and I was surprised to see the quality of the dreams and dream figures. - The dreams which people presented where clear and structured. - The figures in the students' dreams where powerful, archetypal and had a lot of energy. - By now, TERRApia students don’t need much of my help in understanding, acting out and pulling out hidden resources from their dreams. I did hold the space, but most of the work was done by the group without me directing. - Participants had a clear understanding that any “shadow” figure is just an energy and a resource, and that we need to respect and welcome any role in a dream. - We learned to take life creatively, to see many different options for moving forward, to learn from those options and to select the one which is the most potent for this moment. - Every one of my students is becoming a great actor! - It was a lot of joy, laughter and fun! High energy time! I enjoyed and got inspired with every dream play! I am so delighted to see the way my vision of a school of transformation is manifesting in reality! We are travelling together as a team to the place of balance, creativity, love, power and magic! Dear friends, you are welcome to join the project - the next group starts on October 8, 2016. Message me for the free introductory session. Love


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