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Magical dream theater at TERRApia school this last weekend

Magical Dream Theater at TERRApia School this past weekend. We are now in the seventh month of the school year, and time has flown by! We've witnessed numerous changes in participants' everyday lives, but what's particularly important to me is observing the transformations in our nocturnal dreams. Dreams don't deceive.

During our dream theater seminar last weekend, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the dreams and dream figures presented:

  • The dreams that people shared were clear and well-structured.

  • The figures in the students' dreams were powerful, archetypal, and brimming with energy.

  • At this point, TERRApia students require minimal assistance from me in comprehending, portraying, and uncovering hidden resources within their dreams. While I held the space, the group largely guided themselves without my direct intervention.

  • Participants had a profound realization that every "shadow" figure in a dream is merely an energy and a resource, and we should respect and embrace every role within a dream.

  • We've learned to approach life with creativity, to envision a multitude of pathways forward, to learn from these options, and to choose the one most potent for the present moment.

  • Each of my students is blossoming into a remarkable actor!

  • It was a weekend filled with joy, laughter, and fun—a time of high energy! I relished and drew inspiration from every dream enactment.

I'm truly delighted to witness my vision of a transformational school coming to life! We are embarking on this journey together as a team, heading towards a place of balance, creativity, love, power, and magic! Dear friends, you are welcome to join our project - the next group begins on October 8, 2016. Please message me for a free introductory session

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