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Working with a body symptom - migraine.

I just finished a session with a client who has been experiencing severe migraines. This client is quite successful in her family and career life and is deeply involved in both. However, she has been neglecting the other side of herself - the dreamer, the spiritual wanderer. The result of this imbalance has been harsh; she is now on disability due to these debilitating migraines. The migraines have compelled her to silence, forcing her to close her eyes and introspect.

The message conveyed by this bodily symptom is quite straightforward - she needs to respect her inner dreams. My client experienced temporary relief after our session, but we are embarking on a significant journey together to reconnect her with her inner dreamer, to unfold her life's myth, and to restore the lost balance. I look forward to guiding her on this transformative journey!

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