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Jetlag summer festival 2016. TERRApia School healers camp,

Jetlag festival comes every year to me as a shiny door into summer. It is a place of tribal reunion and celebration. My present and former friends, my past lovers and my new soul mates, people I love and want to hug and hold hands with forever, people who irritate me and people who I irritate, we all come together to this nature temple to celebrate the summer with music, arts and spirituality. This tribe is talented, deep, artsy, adventurous and extremely beautiful. I am so proud to be part of it! Thank you Feldman family for bringing us together! Thank you Alice Feldman for the Pangea camp! Today I feel that I am full of sun and gratitude and joy and 30 small crazy fairies are dancing in my body to the songs of "Silver Wedding" - a band I heard for the first time. :) Thank you Margarita Amrita Schwartzman, Sergey Voronin And Victoria Ostrovsky for supporting me in organizing the workshops lineup! Thank you my dear friends and collaborators - Russian community spiritual seminar leaders for your generosity, collaboration and open heart! Thank you Allen Alignment for bringing the banya! After this JetLag I am full of sun and art and music and love and it gives me a rich fuel to move forward with my life and my projects!

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