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Working on relationship with money.

I had a client today who came to work on her relationship with money. While working with her I realized that I have a large set of exercises, some which I collected from my teachers and some I invented myself while working with my clients on the topic of money. I decided to share one of them with the community: The exercises I did with today’s client: - Write down the names up to eight of your older relatives who influenced you the most throughout your childhood. - Write down the messages they gave you in your childhood about money. - Find the messages which influenced you the most and write them down. - See how all this different advice affected your relationship with money. - Imagine that those characters made a “work team” and see if they can effectively collaborate. - Create a mandala which reflects a good collaborative atmosphere between those roles inside you. As a result of this exercise my client found two contradicting messages which she got from her family. The first message was: “Don’t worry about the money, it is not important. Play with life creatively and money will come from The Universe”. The second message was: “Money can come only from hard work”. We role-played the characters who gave those messages, and they became opposed and fought each other. During the session we found a way to balance both roles and to create a good relationship between them. To remember the insight from this work my client drew a beautiful, really balanced and powerful mandala. I know from my past experiences with myself, my friends and my clients that it will help her in bringing these new energies into her life and relationship with money. Moving forward with joy and curiosity!


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