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Anastasia Konn, New York City, 2017

I met Dina at a family constellation workshop. The results of that session pleasantly surprised me. I discovered the incredible methods of working with my family (including several previous generations). Since that moment I have realized that this “magic” is for me. It has bewitched me. Therefore, I decided to extend my toolkit and views of life, even though I already had a degree in psychology and social work.

I came to the family constellation workshop with the request to have a sober husband and to get pregnant as at that moment I was disappointed with my marriage and wanted happiness and kids. But I got a completely different lesson and different information than expected. It was pure magic, and I was so grateful that my friend had invited me to the family constellation workshop at the last moment. My transformation path was formed immediately before I consciously chose it.

Then, at TERRApia School of Transformation, I have learned a lot about my female and male lineages. I started seeing life in the extraordinary colors. The whole world has become absolutely remarkable. My inner world has changed too – I altered my priorities; I got a deep gratitude for everything I have and every person I’ve met in my life; I got joy, trust, and hope; my relationship with my mother has improved significantly; and most importantly, I realized my value and how precious the gifts of my ancestors are.

Also, I have met “extraordinary fairies”, my group-mates, who we have grown together with. I became interested in learning new methods of working on myself such as mandalas’ drawing, music and dancing, meditation, visualization, writing in my diary and so forth. I started learning playing piano and even bought a shamanic tambourine which I played at home and in groups. I have become more artistic, feminine and confident. In a year my life has changed 100%. I have married my new “sober husband,” and we are waiting for our first baby. I moved to another city and started a new business.

My work brings me more pleasure now. I dream, smile, and enjoy my life much more than before. I am happy to help others. My mother became my best friend. I do ceremonies regularly on a full moon and solstice and gather my friends. I continue to work on myself through process work and family constellations. I learn how to communicate with nature and how to use its gifts for my own needs, for example, herbs, oils, elements of water, fire, air, and earth. My Reiki practice has increased, and I got more students enrolled. I can infinitely list my life gifts since the time I spent in TERRAapia School of Transformation.

Thank you all for that incredible experience. My life has never been so great as it is now. I would recommend to all of you to embark on this transformation journey and enroll into the TERRApia School.

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