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Dreams, intuition and vitality. TERRApia October dreaming circle.

"We dream, therefore, we exist.

Let's come together and create a Dreaming Circle community.

The goal of this circle is to foster creativity and projects that lead to personal success and generate positive social impact. We channel our creative energy by establishing deeper connections with personal and collective dreaming.

I will introduce several of my TERRApia methods to this circle: Process-Oriented Psychology, Family Constellation, Dream Theater, and Mandala Art. We will also embrace other modalities that encourage open curiosity and a non-judgmental approach to life's phenomena, such as non-dual philosophy, non-labeling therapy, and conscious creative self-growth.

What are the moments that bring us happiness?

  • The moments when we gather around the fire to share our dreams, visions, imagination, and shamanic experiences with friends and our community.

  • The moments when we realize that we are not alone on this dream journey, that we are supported by a like-minded tribe.

  • The moments when we connect with the dreams of our ancestors and understand that we are a continuation of the dreams of our entire family and all of humanity. Simultaneously, we recognize ourselves as the new generation with fresh creative dreams, and it is our birthright to manifest them in this life on Earth.

  • The moments when we realize that an idea that emerged as a dream a year ago has now become a reality, and we can share our success with our community of dreamers, who celebrate with us.

Let's create a circle where we can support each other's happiness, deepen our dreaming, transform it into a valuable resource, and turn our dreams into reality!

This circle will take place at the New Paltz TERRApia studio once a month, usually around the full moon.

While this circle will be donation-based in the future, the first three circles are free

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