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I am an Owl

It's this time of the year... Halloween.

Earlier in October I became obsessed with the idea of making an owl mask, after I pet an owl at the Owl's Cafe in Tokyo. This experience awoke something new in me. I started to look at the owl's pictures and contemplated on the owl's spirit. It took two months, until I could express it through this mask. This is my first wearable mask , I am officially ready for Halloween.

Materials: paper-mashe, acrylic, feathers. I made some mistakes, while making the shape, it is not symmetrical. I am learning...

I am an owl, I hunt in the dark. When the others creatures sleep,

I fly fearlessly through the dark forest, and see through the night and find my food.

I am a shaman , I go to the dark places. I dance in the land of dreams.

Where the others see monsters, I see golden treasures, the lost pieces of souls. When I catch them, they became new life, new love, new creative projects, new wisdom.

I am an Owl.

What is your inner costume?

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