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Have a fruitful and successful 2019 Year of the Pig, my dear friends!

Kamapuaʻa, pig-god mask

I had a plan to make a Lion mask for the last week of solstice mask seminar. I was quite confused, when, due to my weak sculpting ability, my mask turned out to look like a pig, not a lion. I thought that lions are more sexy animals than pigs.

But the Great Dreaming Spirit has it's own creative ideas, more magical than mine. The mask started to live its own life. After I painted it, I realized that the mask looked like a lava field, and I remembered the story of Kamapuaʻa.

Kamapuaʻa, the Hog demigod is a Hawaiian god of rain, abundance and fertility.

The Volcano goddess Pele, full of fierce fire passion, starts a lava flow and creates a new, fresh, and uninhibited lava landscape. Then the pig-god Kamapua'a, Pele's lover, throws down rain, and turns lava rocks into fertile soil. And after that, the Hawaiian rainforest grows, full of magnificent fruits and flowers.

I DID set up an intention for more abundance and stability for the coming 2019 Pig Year.

I love the Big Island of Hawaii, and I admire Pele's nonconformist creative passion. I spent plenty of time on the Big island, hiked on lava fields and sang my shamanic songs to Pele.

And now her lover, the Hog god, showed up as my new ally.


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