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Have a fruitful and successful 2019 Year of the Pig, my dear friends!

Kamapuaʻa, pig-god mask

I had planned to create a lion mask for the final week of the Solstice Mask Seminar. However, I found myself quite perplexed when, due to my limited sculpting abilities, my mask ended up resembling a pig rather than a lion. I couldn't help but think that lions are generally considered more majestic and alluring animals compared to pigs. Yet, the Great Dreaming Spirit has its own creative ideas, far more enchanting than mine. The mask seemed to take on a life of its own. As I began to paint it, I suddenly realized that the mask bore a striking resemblance to a lava field, invoking memories of the story of Kamapuaʻa. Kamapuaʻa, the Hog Demigod, is a Hawaiian deity associated with rain, abundance, and fertility. The Volcano goddess Pele, known for her intense fiery passion, initiates lava flows, shaping a new, untamed lava landscape. Then, it is the pig-god Kamapua'a, Pele's lover, who brings forth rain, transforming the lava rocks into fertile soil. This, in turn, gives rise to the lush Hawaiian rainforest, teeming with magnificent fruits and flowers. I had indeed set an intention for greater abundance and stability in the approaching 2019 Year of the Pig. My love for the Big Island of Hawaii, and my admiration for Pele's nonconformist and creative fervor, run deep. I have spent countless hours on the Big Island, hiking across its lava fields, and singing my shamanic songs in honor of Pele. Now, it seems her beloved, the Hog god, has emerged as my new ally.

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