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Curious about psychedelics? Find out what makes Processwork a powerful method for working with them FREE COMMUNITY WEBINAR

August 21

2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Curious about the use of psychedelics as a psychological tool?  

In this free community webinar, Dina Ostrovsky draws on 10 years of experience as a psychedelic journey integration therapist utilizing Processwork. Through this approach, she has discovered a range of tools that can effectively support individuals at every stage of their psychedelic journey.

Join Dina to find out why she believes that Processwork is a powerful method for working with psychedelics.

Who is this for? 

This webinar will be useful for practitioners who would like to help others with journey integration or are interested to learn more about psychedelics. And also for anyone who would like to learn how they can apply Processwork ideas and skills to prepare their own journey or integrate psychedelic journey experiences. 

About Dina

Dina Ostrovsky is the founder and primary teacher at TERRApia School of Transformation. She weaves together modern psychology, creative expression, and ancient spiritual practices into transformational programs designed for those seeking to create profound and meaningful change. Dina is a certified process-oriented facilitator with a Master's degree from the Process Work Institute.


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