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Family and System Constellations

July 7

New Paltz, NY

"System and family constellation” is a very effective method for healing your ancestral and family field. With this method we can “diagnose” and make visible the patterns and blockages which have followed us from the past. The most healing approach to those traumas is not to run away and to forget, but to bring them out. Like the vampire that disintegrates into dust when brought out to the sun – the traumatic story, when brought out to the conscious level, stops programming our behavior and becomes a valuable experience and knowledge. This seminar will give you a chance to work on your personal problems and to serve as a helper in other people’s constellations. The experience of participating in somebody else's constellation gives you deep knowledge of the family relationship structure. This practice brings valuable wisdom to the participant, opens their heart and vision.

The Family Constellation method effectively addresses:

• relationship problems

• career issues

• business and financial difficulties

• bodily pain and illness

• depression

• habitual emotional and behavioral patterns

When we experience depression, emotional instability, problems with our relationship or career, a common practice is to search for an answer within the realm of our own views and personal history. However, in some cases these issues arise not from personal history, but from our ancestral memories - from the traumas which happened several generations before us. We perceive such traumas as an atmosphere of pressure, danger or threat which affects our feelings and actions. A person with a traumatized “family field” intuitively feels that his/her family energy is too “heavy” and rejects it, putting a barrier between them and their family energy. In a case like this the negative energies are partially blocked, but the power of the family and ancestors’ blessings are blocked as well. In order to move forward you need to feel safety at your back.

It is not easy to understand and heal wounds which came from the past. In many cases, we don’t know what happened generations ago. If we do know some stories we feel they are not too important – we see them as grandmother’s tales of the far past. Those traumas manifest as a tense and heavy atmosphere in our relationships with parents, spouses or kids. They can also manifest as repeated patterns of events in our life.

Seminar leader Dina Ostrovsky.

Please call 973 896 9320 for free interview

Payment $35 if you come to participate as a helper, $320 if you ask for your own constellation. Please, register, we have limited number of spaces Email: Whatsapp: 973 8969320 Payment: zelle, venmo 9738969320 Please register here


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