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Group #9 Seminar 6. Group facilitator as a martial artist

November 25 - 26

When you step out of the comfortable role of a participant/ student/ follower, into the role of a facilitator/ leader, the atmosphere around you changes dramatically.

You suddenly step into the scene where people judge you, criticize you, and project themselves onto you.

In this seminar, you will learn how to swim in the new waters of being a public figure. You will also find your style as a facilitator, work with critics, and transform your harsh inner critic into a powerful ally.

This seminar will include:

Process work theory about group facilitation: Social, psychological and spiritual ranks. Hosts and dream figures. What affects us when we work with groups.

Theory and exercises to work with personal conflicts.

Deep democracy and the principles of group conflict facilitation.

Practical exercises for working with a group and group conflicts.


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