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Happy New Year 2024

The year is coming to an end, and its events are fading into the fog of the past. What will we take with us to the future? Lessons learned, new skills, and beautiful memories.

1. I have learned to set long-term goals and nurture them with love and attention. There's no need to constantly push and strive for progress every minute. Instead, when an opportunity arises, take a step forward. By allocating more resources and staying focused on these goals, the door will eventually open, leading you to new levels.

2. I have replaced the word "discipline" with "rhythms that are pleasing to the eyes and body." It feels like singing a song. When a moment in the musical phrase arrives, it's time to lead a seminar or ceremony. Then, it's time for a calming lullaby of relaxation - taking a walk in the forest, soaking in a jacuzzi, or having dinner with friends, while discussing the best way to cook borsch and the laws of the Universe. Then the weekend comes, and I lead qigong practice, singing my song to the community. This approach to discipline has proven to be the most effective for me.

3. My old motto is "Stay relaxed in the realm of the unknown." Many of us strive to be the best all-knowing student in the class, always trying to label and categorize the phenomena that arise in our lives to receive an A+. However, once we're out of kindergarten, impressing the teacher is no longer the goal. Take a breath and slow down your cognitive reactions. Stay in a receptive mode. Process new information through all channels - sound, visualization, movement, and feeling. This way, you may be able to reach a new understanding and connect with the unknown. Dive deep, open doors to new dimensions, and expand the territories of your inner landscape. Later, you can fill this landscape with useful things, relationships, health, and business. But the beginning of something new, real creativity, lies within the realm of chaos. A magician, a creator, a traveler is not afraid to step into the unknown.

4. It's important to understand the polarities in which you currently exist and develop yourself. Effective kindness comes with a balance of strictness and clarity. Flexibility and neuroplasticity are crucial during times of change. Firmness and rigidity are just one of the many aspects of flexibility.

5. My body is resilient; it maintains its shape and state. For years, I have struggled with the same painful physical symptoms. But I am also determined. Over the years, I have managed to heal two serious physical problems. Now, I wake up inside a soft, warm body, filled with bliss.

6. If someone presents you with an unsolvable question and refuses to offer an acceptable compromise, take a step back and focus on something else. It's not your responsibility to solve their problem.

7. If someone helped you in a difficult situation, another person in a similar situation will come to you later. Recognize it and continue the chain of kindness.

8. The coming year will be even more intense. However, we have the methods, strength, and desire to conquer the challenges and ride this dragon gloriously for the benefit of all living beings.

Wishing you a magical 2024!


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